Canteen is a juice and smoothie bar located in the heart of Southeast Portland, Oregon. Beginning in 2010, we worked with client, Brian Heck on a project involving the  transformation of a 1969 Dodge Chinook into Sip Mobile Lodge, a recreational vehicle turned juice and smoothie bar. One year later, we were tasked by the same client to expand our approach of efficient, thoughtful food cart design into a small brick and mortar location. Our goal was to appropriate the language of mobility and the unique, often formless, nature of the street food experience into a more established framework.

Traditional Shaker peg rails were co-opted in the service of modular boxes, magazine racks, and hanging candleholders.

Our friends Zack Branch and Josh Wheat were given free-reign over the bathroom. Wildness was encouraged as a means to break with the clean-lines and careful craft throughout the rest of the space.

Design:  Dan Anderson & Chris Held
Year: 2012
Location: Portland, Oregon USA.